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Where do all of the Socks Go? + Finish Line Gift Card Giveaway (closed)

Here in the DaddleDo household, the laundry never ends, and the piles never seem to subside. The thing is though, no matter how much laundry gets done, there are always at least fifteen socks that don’t have a match. What makes this really weird is that whenever we buy socks, we specifically buy colored toe […]

How to Setup a Gravatar AKA Little picture Next to Your Comment on a Blog

I have been writing for blogs for several years, but since starting DaddleDo, I am noticing just how many people don’t have a profile picture on their comments. Let me show you just how easy it is to setup a profile picture that will follow you to any blog you may comment on. In the […]

Wayback Wednesday- “Work for Love”

This is the first of many Wayback Wednesday’s to come. What is Wayback Wednesday You might ask? Every wednesday I will post an obscure, fun, and memorable song from Wayback to get us pumped for the rest of the week. Feel free if you remember the song, to comment on what memory or place it […]

4 Surefire ways to get Kids to do what you Want

If you were born before the 80’s you know the surefire ways our parents used to get us to do what they wanted us to do. This might have included creative uses of a shoe, a brush, a purse, or your own Stretch Armstrong; usually whatever was within reach, and those stretch Armstrong’s sure had […]

Kids See the Darndest Things On the Internet, Fix that with “Circle”

  We live in a technology driven world and our kids do too. With this comes many things that can be accidentally introduced to our kids no matter how well we try to monitor them by traditional means. There really haven’t been too many options when it comes to monitoring and managing our kids online […]

Mom, Dad Wants a Motorcycle!

  It’s a tale as old as time, some call it a “mid-life crisis” others call it “he’s lost his mind,” but for most of us men, there comes a time when we want to either relive some of our youth or want what we could never have. For me it was the former, having […]

When should Kids Rock their First Concert?

I remember when the kids were little; we would attend many concerts and events that had the kids dancing, singing, and having a blast. These events included “extreme” artists and bands such as, The Wiggles, Laurie Berkner, oh and of course who could forget the biggest rocker, Barney. These were fun and enjoyable events for […]

Fold Your Shirts Like a Pro! + Giveaway (closed)

I have discovered the most amazing device to fold your shirts! It’s the Beaut Magic Adjustable Clothes Shirts Folder Board. This plastic wonder doohickey was created with one task in mind, folding shirts and other laundry into perfectly symmetrical works of art. OK, works of art may be going a little too far, but it sure […]

Date Night Movie Reviews – Elysium

“No Spoilers” – Being a sci-fi fan, Elysium was definitely on the list of movies I wanted to see this summer. The movie takes place in the not too distant future, where Earth is a big wasteland and the rich and elite have all moved to a space station that has the atmosphere, vegetation, homes, […]