Archives for October 2014

TruMoo Spooky Halloween Pudding Cups Recipe

  Our family loves to drink TruMoo® Chocolate Milk!  When the kids discovered we brought home TruMoo® Orange Scream Milk, they couldn’t wait to start pouring and drinking!  It’s even more fun with Halloween around the corner.  To get into the Halloween spirit, we like to top our TruMoo® Orange Scream with whipped cream and […]

Minecraft Enderman Halloween Costume DIY

 All of our boys this year have been particularly into Minecraft, and when our son Ian said he wanted to be an Enderman for Halloween, we scratched our heads wondering just how to pull it off. Creating a Minecraft Enderman Halloween Costume seemed easy enough, and this how-to from our experience should help you out. On […]

Save Time in the Kitchen With Appliances From Best Buy

With the holidays right around the corner, the time for family, fun, and of course food are right around the corner.  As a closet cook, I love all of the latest kitchen gadgetry.  It is so fun to check out kitchen products and technology that can make our lives easier. The speed at which a meal can […]