4 Surefire ways to get Kids to do what you Want

Young girl indoors cryingIf you were born before the 80’s you know the surefire ways our parents used to get us to do what they wanted us to do. This might have included creative uses of a shoe, a brush, a purse, or your own Stretch Armstrong; usually whatever was within reach, and those stretch Armstrong’s sure had reach.

Since things have changed quite a bit since we were kids, and you don’t want to end up with supervised visits, we have come up with a list that’s a little more politically correct.

4 Surefire Ways to get Kids to do what you Want

  1. The first and my favorite, “if you don’t stop throwing a fit, I am going to video tape this and put it on Youtube!” (This one really works, but requires that you get the phone out and start filming)
  2. “Last chance or I am going to delete Minecraft!” (It isn’t just enough to say you are going to take it away, it’s the “delete” it that usually gets through)
  3. “If you don’t stop you will go to bed and eat gluten!” (Ok this one is a joke, but funny)
  4. Cut it out, or you’re all going outside! (Sad, but true…usual rebuttal “but dad we’ll get kidnapped”… touché kids, touché)

Now it’s your turn, tell us in a comment your favorite ways to get kids to do what you want…

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  1. Those are some pretty creative ways to get kids to mind. Now we can tell them they won’t be able to watch “Good Luck Charlie” for a week to get through to them.

  2. I like to give them choices… To empower them to feel like my choice was their idea… “You guys don’t HAVE to eat the salmon and asparagus I made for dinner. If you’d like you may substitute canned sardines and sauerkraut. Which would you prefer?”

  3. Helen Swarts says:

    This is the one I use,” if you don’t want to pick up your toys, we can switch jobs and you can cook dinner and finish my chores and I’ll pick up your toys” works every time lol!!!

  4. LOL – I like Helen’s – ha ha!

  5. Creative ideas!
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  6. Funny tips, especially the first one))) I could try, but my son would be happy to become a Youtube star)))

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