Bright Light Pillows are a Gift Your Kids will Love


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On December 10, 2013
Last modified:May 3, 2014


Great gift for kids, teenagers, or just about anyone on your list.


Our kids love anything soft, stuffed animals are a big favorite in our house and snuggling up watching a movie or at bedtime is part of their nightly routine. You can only imagine how excited they were when we showed them the Bright Light Pillows™.


The Bright Light Pillows™ are made of an ultra plush material that is so soft you will want to pet it like an animal, and that’s immediately what all of the kids did when we handed it to them. My daughter Corrine Immediately took to the pillow. Of course the softness wasn’t even the best part!

IMG_1929We turned off the lights and pressed the button and everyone let out a big “whoa!!!” The Bright Light Pillows™ light up in a multi array of colored LED’s. The nice thing is lights are not so overpowering that they are distracting, instead they let out a nice soft glow that is pleasing and comforting to everyone. This is especially great since we like to get everyone together to watch movies in the dark, and the pillow has become a favorite for everyone.


Of course this has caused some jealousy towards whoever has the pillow and has caused us to go out and buy more pillows as Christmas presents. The pillows come in different shapes, which is perfect for our family. You can get them in Starlight Square, Twinkling Star, and even in a special limited edition Beach Ball.

The Bright Light Pillows™ have become a big hit in our house and we highly recommend these as gifts for your family or loved ones. They have an auto shutoff that will turn the pillow off after 15 minutes, which is great for saving on the 3-AA batteries. Children that are afraid of the dark or that don’t like sleeping alone will find these comforting and supportive, while even our teenager thinks they are cool and wants one. Good thing Santa listens!

Bright Light Pillows™ are only $19.99 and you can get them from  


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  1. The girls love these pillows. These definitely make great gifts under the tree.

  2. My kids have been asking for these pillows for sooo long. Glad to hear your recommendation and I like the fact that it has an auto shut off. I was kinda worried about that. Now I know what to get them for their upcoming birthdays!

  3. Zoe got one of these for Christmas and she sleeps with it every night. 🙂

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