Top Ten Responsibilities, Duties, and Expectations for a Groomsman

      Weddings are a fun and amazing time for everyone involved. If you are called upon from a close friend or relative to be a groomsman, there are a few things you should know about your duties and expectations. I recently was asked by my close friend to be a groomsman in his […]

10 Things to do with Kids Clothes when they Outgrow Them

Kids are like little weeds, they grow and grow and grow, and no matter how many clothes we buy for them, it seems like they forever need more. This issue means there are often bags, closets, drawers, and piles of clothes that are gently used, and need to find a new home, but what exactly […]

How-To DIY Halloween Costumes

Buying costumes for the kids for Halloween has become a pretty expensive undertaking. It is easy to spend $30 plus on each child, and even that is probably a conservative number when you consider props, accessories, and makeup. When I was a child, back when there were no cell phones, there was no Internet, and […]

Easy Pay, Payment Plans, and Layaway are Great Options for Families on a Budget

With holidays and birthdays quickly approaching and a large family, budgeting and saving can be quite a chore. A number of retailers are making it easier and more convenient than ever to get products, gifts, and services with flexible payment options designed for families. Using credit cards has gotten quite expensive, interest rates constantly fluctuate, […]

Avoiding the Pose How to start getting Amazing Photos of the Kids + Giveaway(closed)

With a smartphone camera practically available at all times, and many families with point and shoot and DSLR cameras, capturing memories and moments with the kids has never been easier. Even with all of the technology available to us, getting a good shot may still be difficult. Let’s explore my favorite way to get a […]

How to Create The Ultimate Backyard Water Park on the Cheap

One of the best things about summer, and just about anytime when the weather is nice, is letting the kids play in the water.  Everyone has a great time, and it’s rewarding to see the kids with smiles on their faces. But what if you could step it up a notch and build the ultimate […]

How to Setup a Gravatar AKA Little picture Next to Your Comment on a Blog

I have been writing for blogs for several years, but since starting DaddleDo, I am noticing just how many people don’t have a profile picture on their comments. Let me show you just how easy it is to setup a profile picture that will follow you to any blog you may comment on. In the […]