Disneyland Restrooms – The Top 10 Places to Winnie or Pooh at the Park

A fun day at Disneyland filled with food, fun, snacks, sodas, water, mint juleps and any number of treats is sure to include the need to visit one of the many restrooms in the park. The great thing about Disneyland restrooms is you can guarantee that any restroom you visit will be clean and well […]

Are You Up for the Challenge?

This post brought to you by Triad Retail Media. All opinions are 100% mine. When we have kids, we want only the best for them.  The same goes for our pets!  When it comes to pet food, we want food that will be good for our dog’s health, as well as be enjoyable to eat.  […]

Date Night Movie Reviews – The Other Woman

“No Spoilers” – The Other Woman turned out to be a great date night movie for Shannon and I. Just enough laughs to keep the movie in the romantic comedy category, even though the premise was less than romantic, I can say without spoiling anything that romance comes in to play. The movie will keep the interest […]

The MicroTouch SwitchBlade is the Perfect Gift for Dads

With holidays fast approaching, finding useful and affordable gifts for dad can be a chore. One thing that just about every dad struggles with is nose, ear, eyebrow, neck, sideburn, and general hair grooming. I have numerous tools for this task, and all seem specialized for just one use; that is until now. I recently […]

Otto & the Grand Prix Bees – Book Review + Giveaway(closed)

          We have a nighttime tradition in our family, that we read a book every night before the kids go to bed. This has remained an important part of our bonding and family routine, this along with sitting down for dinner at the dinner table.  There are many books to choose […]

Family Day Movie Reviews – Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

No Spoilers – This weekend we took the kids to see the latest installment of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, CwaCoM2. The movie was a fun filled ride through a land where food and animals become one, to take over the characters home island. Our kids had a blast talking about the different animal […]

Date Night Movie Reviews – Insidious Chapter 2

“No Spoilers” – Insidious Chapter 2 is the perfect followup to what I thought was a great Chiller, Insidious 1. There were two very separate sides of reviews for the first film, some really enjoying it and others on the opposite side. I myself enjoy a spooky movie that has a lot of build up […]

Fold Your Shirts Like a Pro! + Giveaway (closed)

I have discovered the most amazing device to fold your shirts! It’s the Beaut Magic Adjustable Clothes Shirts Folder Board. This plastic wonder doohickey was created with one task in mind, folding shirts and other laundry into perfectly symmetrical works of art. OK, works of art may be going a little too far, but it sure […]

Date Night Movie Reviews – Elysium

“No Spoilers” – Being a sci-fi fan, Elysium was definitely on the list of movies I wanted to see this summer. The movie takes place in the not too distant future, where Earth is a big wasteland and the rich and elite have all moved to a space station that has the atmosphere, vegetation, homes, […]