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Review of: The Other Woman

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On April 28, 2014
Last modified:May 3, 2014


An all around great date night movie!

“No Spoilers” – The Other Woman turned out to be a great date night movie for Shannon and I. Just enough laughs to keep the movie in the romantic comedy category, even though the premise was less than romantic, I can say without spoiling anything that romance comes in to play.

The movie will keep the interest of both women and men, with an equal share of eye candy for everyone, “gotta keep it fair” especially when you go to a “chick flick.”  Girl power is definitely in play in this movie and though it seems to be quite stereotypical that men are the culprits in affairs of the heart, it works for this movie.


The main female characters played by Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, and Kate Uptown all do a good job portraying their roles, though Kate Uptown’s character could have probably been played by any good looking actress. The casting of Nicki Minaj felt out of place and the character she played seemed somewhat forced.

For a date night movie “The Other Woman” is a good choice, especially if there are no “other women” in your relationship. Both men and women will be able to appreciate the movie for what it is, a good romantic comedy. If you or your significant other are the jealous type you may want to steer clear due to the amount of hot bods, otherwise enjoy.


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  1. Hi Frank,

    Thank for this review, I saw the promotion coming up but this is the first time I watch the trailer. I hope I am not the guy in the movie!

    But yes it could be a good movie for a date!

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