Disneyland Restrooms – The Top 10 Places to Winnie or Pooh at the Park

IMG_1430A fun day at Disneyland filled with food, fun, snacks, sodas, water, mint juleps and any number of treats is sure to include the need to visit one of the many restrooms in the park. The great thing about Disneyland restrooms is you can guarantee that any restroom you visit will be clean and well maintained. That doesn’t however mean that there aren’t better places to make your businesses than others, especially if you are looking for a quiet and not so busy place to Winnie or pooh.

The DaddleDo Countdown to Disneyland Restrooms

From least favorite to best place to tinkle or bell


#10 Toon Town 

Only one restroom for all of toon town!

In the dead center of town is this Disneyland Restroom

Quite cramped and a limited amount of stalls

Very busy and no shade makes this my least favorite place to Roger Rabbit

1 out of 4 rating


#9 Fantasyland

Across from the Casey Jr. Circus Train in Fantasyland

Design is good but very busy

Limited stalls 

Shaded waiting area but no seating

2 out of 4 rating


#8 Tomorrowland

Next to plaza inn and rocket ships in tomorrow land 

Busy with few stalls

quote from person that exited “there were a lot of pushy people in there”

2 out of 4 rating


#7  Autopia

Near autopia entrance

Not so busy in a shaded area

Plenty of waiting areas a bit dated

2 out of 4 rating


#6 Fantasyland Theater 

Fantasy land theater near small world

dated but not very busy

Shaded area but not much seating to wait 

2 out of 4 rating


#5 Rancho del Zocalo Restaurant

Next to rancho del zocalo restaurant

off the beaten path not usually too crowded

shaded but no seating

2 out of 4 rating 


#4 New Orleans Square

Near pirates of the Caribbean exit and mint julep bar in New Orleans square

solid choice to make a solid

plenty of stalls and wall type seating for those waiting for you to finish

3 out of 4 rating


#3 Space Mountain

At the Space Mountain exit 

Another busy area but plenty of stalls

Lots of seating and in a shady covered area

3 out of 4 rating


#2 Alice in Wonderland

Next to the Alice in wonderland ride

Alice in wonderland themed restroom

Pictures on doors and fun design

shaded area with plenty of seating for waiting

3 out of 4 rating


#1 Critter Country

Our #1 pick to #2

Located under Hungry Bear restaurant and of course naturally near pooh corner 

Very nice decor with many stalls

Off the beaten path

Not too busy  with lots of shaded seating for waiting

and even live ducks and a water view in the (waiting area of course)

4 out of 4 rating



“Honorable Mention” Adventureland Tiki Room

Adventure land next to tiki room

No signs that there is a restroom but the people will clue you in

Cool sinks for the kids and plenty of stalls

shaded with rock seating for waiting area

3 out of 4 rating


Obviously if you gotta go, you gotta go. Any Disneyland restroom will be a clean and safe environment to let Dumbo loose, but if you have time and can seek out one of the restrooms on the list, you can beat the crowds and Winnie or Pooh in peace!



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  1. Helen Swarts says:

    Really good post, and very necessary. Thanks Frank.

  2. Fun read! I can’t believe I have never used most of those restrooms! I will definitely be checking out the Critter Country restroom next time I’m there. Fun seeing you guys at the park!

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