How to Create The Ultimate Backyard Water Park on the Cheap

Backyard WaterparkOne of the best things about summer, and just about anytime when the weather is nice, is letting the kids play in the water.  Everyone has a great time, and it’s rewarding to see the kids with smiles on their faces. But what if you could step it up a notch and build the ultimate waterpark for the kids and their friends in just a few minutes, and with stuff you probably already have lying around? Let’s step this thing up!

First, there is just one pre-requisite for this How-to, you must have a backyard playset; oh and I guess a backyard is important too, but that would make two pre-requisites.

Most playsets with a slide should do the trick. In this example we are using a wooden playset with a slide.

Here is the list of things you will need.

1ea – Garden Hose       1ea – Multi-Pattern Sprinkler      2ea – Medium Bungee Cords


1ea – Slip n Slide


Step 1 – Begin by placing slip n slide into position under slide. (Be sure to lift end of slide up and place on slipnslide to minimize shifting)

slipnslidefilling slipnslide

Step 2 – Attach Sprinkler with 1ea Bungee cord, to post above slide. Make sure top of sprinkler is facing down and sprinkler is secure.

Sprinkler 1Sprinkler 2

 Step 3 – Next run hose to playset and attach to sprinkler.

Hose 1Hose 2

 Step 4 – attach second bungee to hose and another post to keep hose in place and to keep it from moving.

Hose 3

Step 5 – Turn faucet to hose on low and adjust sprinkler dial just between two settings, this provides a random and steady trickle of water. Lastly, adjust sprinkler position by hand so water flows steadily and efficiently down slide.

sprinkler adjust 1 sprinkler adjusted

Now Let the fun begin!







The kids have a blast every time we make our own waterpark! The best part is, it takes only ten to fifteen minutes to install. 

This is the temporary version of “The Backyard Waterpark” leaving maximum flexibility, however if so desired, it would be pretty easy to bolt up the sprinkler, and run an outdoor PVC system that could attach to the hose at anytime. Have fun building your own…

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  1. Our kids have so much fun with the backyard water park. In fact, I love that Sammy prefers it over the pool – ha ha! This is a great tutorial on how to build your own backyard waterpark!

  2. This looks like sooo much fun! We are going to test it out on our fort today! Thanks!!

  3. Helen Swarts says:

    Thanks Frank for your how to on the set up, I know the kids have a real blast 🙂
    I didn’t know it was that easy to set up.

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