How to Sneak a SNICKERS® – A Guide for Parents

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In our family, there are 6 kids and 2 adults. Keeping a SNICKERS® candy bar around for any amount of time, is like keeping the laundry basket empty, “it’s just not happening.” For this reason, it has been a long running task for Shannon and I to find creative ways of sneaking our SNICKERS® satisfaction. Don’t get me wrong, the kids get theirs, but if you are a parent, you understand just what I am talking about.

SNICKERS® is one of our favorite snacks and definitely satisfies our hunger. SNICKERS® is packed with roasted peanuts, nougat, caramel and milk chocolate. SNICKERS® Brand handles your hunger, so you handle the things in life that aren’t related to hunger at all. 

It never fails, you missed breakfast getting the kids off to school, you missed lunch due to countless work calls, and it’s still three hours until dinner. Of course this is the time when you go “ah I know, SNICKERS®,” and then you spend the next 30 minutes searching for the bars you absolutely know you bought only a few days ago. After tearing apart the house you realize, “those darn kids ate them!” Well don’t fret cause we can combat these little rascals with our own sneaky operation.

Operation Sneak a SNICKERS®

When hiding isn’t enough and you need to make your SNICKERS® bars disappear, be sure to try these spots!

1. Mom or Dad’s underwear drawer, roll them in a clean fresh set of fundies (ain’t no kid going in there)

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2. Everyone has that adult cereal box that no kid would ever eat, this is a great spot cause you can store a lot of Snickers bars and no one will be the wiser.

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Ways to sneak a SNICKERS® when the kids are home – this is the hardest of all of the operations

1. Kids can smell a SNICKERS® from a mile away but they can also avoid chores like the plague, so tell the kids, “going to do laundry,” and enjoy your SNICKERS® in peace. 

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2. Shower time is another great time to get your SNICKERS® on. The last thing the kids want is to walk in on you in your birthday suit. Head to your room, and take all the time you want before your shower knowing that none will be the wiser.

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Destroy the Evidence

1. Throwing away the evidence is not enough, it will be discovered that you had SNICKERS® and they did not, be sure to bury your wrappers deep in the trashcan or wrap the wrappers in other trash to hide your tracks.

2. Home office? Try the paper shredder; turn those wrappers into confetti to literally shred the evidence.

You can find SNICKERS® at your local Walmart! When we headed there, we found SNICKERS® candy bars with a variety of different personalities, including Dramatic, Goofball, Cranky, Forgetful, Rebellious and more! We even opened up and enjoyed a SNICKERS® candy bar on the way home!

#EatASNICKERS #CollectiveBias #ad

#EatASNICKERS #CollectiveBias #ad

#EatASNICKERS #CollectiveBias #ad

#EatASNICKERS #CollectiveBias #ad

Who are you when you’re hungry? Take this quiz and find out!


These are just a few of our ways to sneak a SNICKERS®. We would love to hear your ideas on all the different ways you sneak to get your SNICKERS® on.

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  1. OK, so I’m Feisty. No idea how that quiz works.

  2. Samantha K says:

    Total Princess here according to the quiz! I always use the laundry room when eating candy I don’t want the kids to see!! Always works! (client)

  3. I love this because I have also been known to eat a SNICKERS® before a shower! #client

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