What You Need To Buy When Getting A New or Used Motorcycle

Well you may remember a few years ago I wrote about convincing my wife that I wanted a motorcycle, and all the reasons this was a good idea on “Mom, Dad Wants a Motorcycle!” Over those years we really enjoyed getting out on the bike and experiencing everything that went along with being out on the open road, including weekend trips and motorcycle camping.

Aprilia Caponord

Unfortunately, last year we experienced a garage fire that totaled out the motorcycle and burned up our accessories, but thankfully no one was hurt. The motorcycle did not cause the fire, but instead a battery we had charging in the garage for another item was the culprit. Luckily everything went well with the insurance and we were on the hunt for our replacement motorcycle and accessories.

Aprilia Caponord Fire

Since we had to start all over again with the items we had to purchase, I figured this was a good opportunity to talk about the items you need when purchasing a new or used motorcycle.

  1. Helmet – Safety is a big concern for anyone that rides motorcycles and a high quality helmet is a must for you and your passenger. Make sure any helmet you purchase carries the proper safety certifications and if possible stay away from used helmets. Though there are many helmets to choose from and price points, check out Arai helmets as they are some of the best in the industry.
  2. Jacket – For a motorcyclist, a good motorcycle jacket not only provides warmth and comfort, but it also provides an extra layer of protection in case of a fall. For this reason you often see motorcyclists wearing a jacket year round and this makes it a must buy for a new owner.
  3. Gloves – Gloves serve a number of functions for motorcyclists. They can provide protection from the elements, warmth, reduce fatigue and can protect your hands in an accident. A good pair of gloves is something you won’t want to be without with your new motorcycle.
  4. Tires – If you purchased a used motorcycle like we did, having your motorcycle completely checked out by a mechanic is a good idea before taking it out on any long trips. They will check out all of the main components on the motorcycle and can make any recommendations for replacement. One of the items often overlooked by non-mechanics are the tires. Though motorcycle tires may look in ok condition, they often need replacement on a used motorcycle due to wear or age. Don’t put yourself at risk by running old or worn tires.

Though there are many things you will want to buy with your new bike, these are a few of the necessities to get you started. Make sure to be safe and enjoy your new purchase, but don’t forget to protect yourself and watch out for others when you are out on the road. If you do this you will have years of pleasure ahead on your motorcycle.

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