Sponsored: Our American Kitchen (A Series By GE Appliances)

My wife and I have a pretty big family – six kids and us! Both of us like to cook and often times try to get our children involved in the process. Sometimes they show no interest in participating and other times, they jump at the opportunity to help create a delicious dish. Cooking together […]

Easy Pay, Payment Plans, and Layaway are Great Options for Families on a Budget

With holidays and birthdays quickly approaching and a large family, budgeting and saving can be quite a chore. A number of retailers are making it easier and more convenient than ever to get products, gifts, and services with flexible payment options designed for families. Using credit cards has gotten quite expensive, interest rates constantly fluctuate, […]

Tent, Pop-Up, Travel Trailer, or RV What’s the right type of Camping for You and Your Kids?

 Camping can be a fun and great time for a family, but without the right experience, it may not initially be for everyone.  Having experienced and upgraded from tent, to pop-up, to travel trailer camping, we’ll take you through the pro’s and cons of each experience, and show you how just about anyone, can love […]