Bright Light Pillows are a Gift Your Kids will Love

Our kids love anything soft, stuffed animals are a big favorite in our house and snuggling up watching a movie or at bedtime is part of their nightly routine. You can only imagine how excited they were when we showed them the Bright Light Pillows™. The Bright Light Pillows™ are made of an ultra plush material […]

10 Things to do with Kids Clothes when they Outgrow Them

Kids are like little weeds, they grow and grow and grow, and no matter how many clothes we buy for them, it seems like they forever need more. This issue means there are often bags, closets, drawers, and piles of clothes that are gently used, and need to find a new home, but what exactly […]

Avoiding the Pose How to start getting Amazing Photos of the Kids + Giveaway(closed)

With a smartphone camera practically available at all times, and many families with point and shoot and DSLR cameras, capturing memories and moments with the kids has never been easier. Even with all of the technology available to us, getting a good shot may still be difficult. Let’s explore my favorite way to get a […]

Tent, Pop-Up, Travel Trailer, or RV What’s the right type of Camping for You and Your Kids?

 Camping can be a fun and great time for a family, but without the right experience, it may not initially be for everyone.  Having experienced and upgraded from tent, to pop-up, to travel trailer camping, we’ll take you through the pro’s and cons of each experience, and show you how just about anyone, can love […]

Understanding and Deciphering Kid Speak

Kids have a language all of their own, and often they don’t exactly mean what they say. I took some time to study and decipher the meaning of some of the most common things I hear the kids say on a regular basis, and you may be shocked to learn my findings. Have you ever […]

When should Kids Rock their First Concert?

I remember when the kids were little; we would attend many concerts and events that had the kids dancing, singing, and having a blast. These events included “extreme” artists and bands such as, The Wiggles, Laurie Berkner, oh and of course who could forget the biggest rocker, Barney. These were fun and enjoyable events for […]