Bright Light Pillows are a Gift Your Kids will Love

Our kids love anything soft, stuffed animals are a big favorite in our house and snuggling up watching a movie or at bedtime is part of their nightly routine. You can only imagine how excited they were when we showed them the Bright Light Pillows™. The Bright Light Pillows™ are made of an ultra plush material […]

Otto & the Grand Prix Bees – Book Review + Giveaway(closed)

          We have a nighttime tradition in our family, that we read a book every night before the kids go to bed. This has remained an important part of our bonding and family routine, this along with sitting down for dinner at the dinner table.  There are many books to choose […]

Date Night Movie Reviews – Insidious Chapter 2

“No Spoilers” – Insidious Chapter 2 is the perfect followup to what I thought was a great Chiller, Insidious 1. There were two very separate sides of reviews for the first film, some really enjoying it and others on the opposite side. I myself enjoy a spooky movie that has a lot of build up […]

Fold Your Shirts Like a Pro! + Giveaway (closed)

I have discovered the most amazing device to fold your shirts! It’s the Beaut Magic Adjustable Clothes Shirts Folder Board. This plastic wonder doohickey was created with one task in mind, folding shirts and other laundry into perfectly symmetrical works of art. OK, works of art may be going a little too far, but it sure […]