Top Ten Responsibilities, Duties, and Expectations for a Groomsman


groomsmen    Weddings are a fun and amazing time for everyone involved. If you are called upon from a close friend or relative to be a groomsman, there are a few things you should know about your duties and expectations.

I recently was asked by my close friend to be a groomsman in his wedding. Having never been a groomsman before, I was unsure of what to expect and even more so, unsure of what my duties would be before, during, and after the wedding.

Every wedding may have varied responsibilities from groomsmen, but here are some of the duties, responsibilities, and expectations that I experienced in my role as a groomsman.

  1. Support the Groom – First and foremost be available for the groom for anything they may need. Pre-wedding, things can easily get overwhelming, so offering help to the groom for any tasks that you may assist with, will be an appreciated effort.
  2. Support the Best Man – The best man and maid of honor generally bear the weight of the majority of responsibilities for the wedding party. This can mean that they may need assistance in planning events, picking up items, making calls, or coordinating people. Be sure to reach out to the best man and maid of honor to offer your help.
  3. Attend all Wedding Parties and Events – As a groomsman you are expected to attend all pre-wedding events. This may include the bachelor party, rehearsal dinner, family dinner, tuxedo fitting and any other coordinated events by the bride and groom.
  4. Tuxedo or Attire – The attire for weddings can vary based on theme, religion, and location. Once the bride and groom have chosen the attire for the groomsmen, depending on the choice, you may have items that you will either need to purchase or rent. These costs are usually the responsibility of the groomsmen. It is important to verify all purchased items are correct with the best man or groom prior to the wedding day.
  5. Wedding Day– Expect an early and busy day, with little interaction with your spouse or significant other. You may be needed to assist in setting up for the wedding. This may include carrying boxes, setting up tables and chairs, or setting out wedding favors, etc.
  6. Getting Dressed – The groom may request that the groomsmen get ready for the wedding together. This will usually include changing into tuxes or wedding attire. The wedding photographer may be involved to capture this as part of the event.
  7. Pictures – As part of the wedding party, you will be expected to be in a large amount of the photos. This process can take a great deal of time so be patient and look your best.
  8. Usher – Some groomsmen will be needed to usher guests to their chairs prior to the ceremony. This job sometimes is given to other friends or family members and varies based on requirements.
  9. Head Table – It may be customary for the wedding party to sit at the head table for the wedding dinner and reception. If this is the case, expect to be separated from your immediate family and significant other for the majority of the event.
  10. Have Fun! – It is important to remember why you are there, to keep it light, and have the most fun possible. Be Sure not to drink too much the night before, on the wedding day, or after the wedding as this can easily impair judgment and change the dynamic of the day. Keep a smile on your face at all times and help in all ways possible to keep smiles on everyone’s faces.

Being a groomsmen is an honor and privilege that speaks to the relationship you have with the groom. As a groomsman it is important not to question your duties, but to be there to support the bride and groom with anything that may be needed. Think of your job as a groomsman as a customer service role. You are there to keep everyone happy and assist everyone in having a wonderful and memorable day. 

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  1. Helen Swarts says:

    Very well written, and such great advice.

  2. I have to say that you were one of the most handsome groomsmen I have ever seen. xoxo

  3. Jamie Hoffman says:

    Having just come from an “interesting” wedding, it was kind of fun to read this and think about what had happened. Great advice!

  4. Great advice I will have to keep this in mind for any guys that need this advice.

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