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In our family, we have a blended family consisting of 6 children. Both my wife and were raised with parents who gave us TYLENOL® when we weren’t feeling well and we have both done the same with our children. TYLENOL® has played a huge role in the well-being of our family and for over 60 years, nothing has mattered more to TYLENOL® than the well-being of families.

To celebrate families everywhere, TYLENOL® created the #HowWeFamily program which emphasizes that family is not about who you love but how. The #HowWeFamily program showcases the story of 11 real American families, including one from spokesperson Gabrielle Union, which can be seen HERE. This holiday season, TYLENOL® is continuing to celebrate all families and how they come together during this special time of the year. The video is a compilation of real moments from real families that showcases joy, laughter, surprise, and unconditional love. I love the video they shared and it especially touched my heart with the military family. Serving in the military myself, I can imagine how special it is for both the military parent and the child to be reunited after time apart.

What is your favorite scene in the video? What do you like about the #HowWeFamily program?

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  1. Helen Swarts says:

    I loved the daddy in the box, so sweet!!! I like the “How we family program”, the unconditional love.

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