Understanding and Deciphering Kid Speak

IMG_1149Kids have a language all of their own, and often they don’t exactly mean what they say. I took some time to study and decipher the meaning of some of the most common things I hear the kids say on a regular basis, and you may be shocked to learn my findings.

Have you ever uttered these words, “What the heck is going through that child’s brain?” Well I have, plenty of times. Kids have an understanding of manipulation and influence that far outweighs these powers in most adults. Often, when kids say one thing, they are really meaning something much different.

In this anything but scientific study of the child’s inner workings, let’s explore some common words and phrases and their meanings.

“I Want” = I’m gonna whine, cry, and bring it up until I get it!

“Daddy/Mommy I Love You” = Daddy/Mommy I Really Want…

“Uuummm, Daddy” = I just broke your really expensive…

“I’m Hungry” = It’s been 30min since you put all of the food away, when I said I was full, and you finally sat down…

“No” = Let me see how long I can get away with this until I get in really big trouble!

“I Don’t Like This” = It was good two weeks ago when I said it was, but now I don’t like it ‘cause I wanted something else…

“Daddy Can I…?” = I already asked mommy and she didn‘t give me the answer I wanted…

“Are we There Yet?” = I know this annoys the crap out of you guys so I’m just gonna keep asking till we get there!

(silence..)= “I’m definitely NOT supposed to be doing this!”

By creating a list to share with the world, we can hope that future parents can learn from us, and can gain the upper hand when dealing with these simple words and phrases.

As you can see by the study, children are very good at manipulation, deception, and influence to get what they want. Luckily they have not yet evolved to naturally or instinctively perform sleight of hand or other magician’s tricks. Though, I have been completely amazed at the amount of items within the house that just disappear and somehow magically reappear months down the road. Anyone else been introduced to the “Magical Disappearing Remote?”

Now as a parent, create your own cheat sheet of common words and phrases and their meanings. This way the next time you are confronted with something that just doesn’t make sense, you can bust out your handy dandy sheet, and formulate the best possible way of saying “No!”

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  1. This is a great list of Kid Speak examples. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  2. Helen Swarts says:

    Kids do say things but mean something else, it’s great to have a decipher list.

  3. Mubin Hilmy says:

    This is very helpful, thanks. I’ve been wondering what they really trying to say.

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