How to Setup a Gravatar AKA Little picture Next to Your Comment on a Blog

I have been writing for blogs for several years, but since starting DaddleDo, I am noticing just how many people don’t have a profile picture on their comments. Let me show you just how easy it is to setup a profile picture that will follow you to any blog you may comment on.

gravatar 12

In the blog world, those little pictures are called Gravatars, and setting up a gravatar is as easy as 10 simple steps.

STEP 1 – Go to


STEP 2 – If you have a Wordpess login choose sign in to WordPress, otherwise choose “create a new one”


STEP 3 – Enter your email address Create a Username Create a Password Click Signup


STEP 4 – Next you will need to activate your account


STEP 5 – Go to your email, click on the email from WordPress and choose activate

gravatar 5

STEP 6 – Clicking activate will take you back to the Gravatar website where you will “Sign in” with your newly created username and password

gravatar 6

STEP 7 – Once signed in you will need to add an image click “Add one by clicking here”

gravatar 7

STEP 8 – Once signed in you will upload your profile picture or new Gravatar from your computer or an image from the internet

gravatar 8

STEP – 9 Crop your image to fit in the Gravatar space to your liking then click “Crop and Finish”

gravatar 9

STEP 10 – Lastly you will choose your photo rating 


Congratulations you have finished creating your Gravatar! Now whenever you leave a comment on a blog you will no longer be “blankman/woman.” You can easily manage your Gravatar pictures and email addresses from, just login and add additional images, add email addresses, and assign any image to any email address. Easy right?

gravatar 11


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  1. These are great tips for setting up one’s gravatar! Let’s get more real faces out there! 🙂

  2. Thanks for this! I assume this works for WordPress and Blogger sites? My pic shows up on blogger but maybe not WordPress. I’ll definitely be more aware of it now!

  3. I understand using your own picture is always a more, trusting and realistic ‘step in’ for some readers looking at you, but i enjoy using a brand picture to show that its more of an entity behind the character posting. Plus, whenever i would feel like i need to change the picture, it would change the picture for every comment you’ve ever made under that email. That, is a great perk.

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