Our Cruise Wedding

It’s hard to believe that almost 5 months ago, Shannon and I got married on the Carnival Miracle Cruise Ship in the Port of Long Beach! Before I proposed to her, we talked about how much we loved going on cruises together and once it was official, we searched online like crazy trying to find […]

Top Ten Responsibilities, Duties, and Expectations for a Groomsman

      Weddings are a fun and amazing time for everyone involved. If you are called upon from a close friend or relative to be a groomsman, there are a few things you should know about your duties and expectations. I recently was asked by my close friend to be a groomsman in his […]

Tent, Pop-Up, Travel Trailer, or RV What’s the right type of Camping for You and Your Kids?

 Camping can be a fun and great time for a family, but without the right experience, it may not initially be for everyone.  Having experienced and upgraded from tent, to pop-up, to travel trailer camping, we’ll take you through the pro’s and cons of each experience, and show you how just about anyone, can love […]

Mom, Dad Wants a Motorcycle!

  It’s a tale as old as time, some call it a “mid-life crisis” others call it “he’s lost his mind,” but for most of us men, there comes a time when we want to either relive some of our youth or want what we could never have. For me it was the former, having […]